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The rockets womens nike free run against Dallas

Le 8 mai 2015, 07:55 dans Humeurs 0

The rockets womens nike free run against Dallas in the second game of the playoffs, had a ball is the Mavs scored, predicting that ball all the way in the back, directly to Mavericks basket bursting, driving layup.

You know, if James nike revolution 2 mens Harden chance to get straight into the basket, too great a pressure on the defensive end, because harden likely layup, likely caused by foul play, are also likely to attract defense, when help arrives, he can pass the ball outside the three-point line pitchers, rockets can be no shortage of pitchers.

James Harden was very clear what I should do. For example, in the fourth quarter of the rockets need him most, a person stand up and scored 16 points, helping the team to 115:109 a last-minute victory over boats, to avoid two home games the team will lose 0:2 in this difficult situation. In addition, harden, with this victory proves that he is still worthy of regular-season MVP contender to the title.

When harden nike free run sale left breakout

Le 8 mai 2015, 07:55 dans Humeurs 0

When harden nike free run sale left breakout, he can do almost arbitrary, can break through the layup, foul and may also set up teammates, but if you can limit his breakthrough to choose whether to drop step jumper, he assists or fouls may be greatly reduced.

Is a little worried in the nike free 3.0 v4 sale second world war, harden was really good, and took only 17 shots get to 32 minutes, several times to break through the skill to create offense, let him only on 15-of-15 at the free throw line got a lot of points.

However, Haddon's play was surprised by a lot of people. In the third quarter hit just after 1 minute 28 seconds, beard got his fourth foul. Forced boss Kevin McHale will only harden recalls, no choice but to put on the bench. You know, Haddon did not want to end up at that time, he kept pleading to McHale will stay on the floor, but, considering the cornerstone harden, but the rockets, once again a foul, the rockets will inevitably continue to lose in the Toyota Center.

Just like nike free run 2 sale Conley

Le 8 mai 2015, 07:53 dans Humeurs 0

Just like nike free run 2 sale Conley's repeated countless times, as he can think of, is to give the team a chance to 11th in the Western Conference semifinals and alliances will compete. So, he will do so earlier comebacks risked facial may be hit again--after his comeback, this sort of thing does happen, deleimengde·GELIN sweep in the face of that, indeed, not light.

Everyone knows nike free run 3 sale that James Harden will get a lot of free throws per game, but would like to keep him standing at the free throw line but is not simple. When harden when the ball, you can't stick too close to him, because he is very good at using the size and strength to make physical contact with the Defender, you can observe, when you harden the breakthrough, he would every now and then and made contact with a defender.

After experiencing death tiebreak to beat the San Antonio Spurs, many people say that the Clippers have enough good luck, but in Houston's turf, in the case of lack of control weikelisi-Paul masters, with a 117:101 win over the rockets, about Fortune faded. People are increasingly wondering what is wrong with the Clippers?

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